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New Year New You

If you are looking to enhance any aspect of your well-being, this course is for you, and can really be taken any time of year. Beginning with Get Well Stay Well, you will establish your vision and start ironing out the plan to improve your wellbeing. Module two, Change One Habit, a brain dump of ideas that will impact your overall well-being. We finish the course with Creating Your Satisfied Life, continues the journey forward with tools to identify exactly where life has gotten out of balance, and strategies to come into alignment. These three modules will highlight areas for growth opportunities and behavior change that you are ready and willing to make and will prepare you with an outline for success.

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Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

This four-module course will lay the foundation to help you achieve permanent weight loss. We start out with The Truth About Weight Loss, straight talk about exactly what it takes to achieve long lasting results. After a deep dive into Nutrition for Weight Loss and Exercise for Weight Loss in modules two and three, the course concludes with a conversation on hormones. Yes, Holy Hormones! They truly rule your world. By the end of the course you will have all of the information necessary to set yourself up to achieve long lasting results.

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Nutrition 101

Here is a must-take course for anyone who has struggled with how to make healthy eating a lifestyle habit. The first module, Nutrition in a Nutshell, is literally that! Highlighted are the key factors necessary to embrace and understand in order to fuel your busy body appropriately. Module two, Are You Feeding Your Feelings?, takes a closer look at emotional and habitual eating. Rounding out the course is Eat These Foods, a module spotlighting some of the most powerful nutrient-dense foods that you could be incorporating into your healthy habits. This basic nutrition course will provide enough information for you to truly start embracing healthy eating as a lifestyle.

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Nutrition 201

In this course, we take a next-level look at the macronutrients.  Module one sets the stage with The Power of Protein, followed by Fat Facts, and finally, The Case for Carbs. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to gain greater appreciation for the impact food has on the human body. During each module you will be guided through an exercise to calculate your specific needs, and will be fed ideas on how to accomplish this. Completing Nutrition 101 is strongly encouraged, as the concepts in 201 build upon information previously discussed.

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Stress Less!

If you find that stress gets the best of you, this three-module course is just what you need!  You will begin by learning to Balance Your Act, a module involving a number of worksheets and writing activities to create awareness and evaluate how you are spending your resources. To develop a full appreciation for just how disastrous chronic stress is to your wellbeing, module two, Stress and Your Health, details what the stress-response all entails and the possible short and long-term consequences. This course wraps up with Create Your Calm; Practices for a More Peaceful Life. You cannot always control what comes your way, but how you respond IS your choice. This module highlights tips and proven practices for calming the mid and redirecting thoughts. By the end of the course, you will have the tools necessary to truly Stress Less!

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Movement for Life

It is no longer a secret that the human body is designed for movement and a sedentary lifestyle can decrease overall wellbeing. This course starts with Movement is Medicine, going over the various types of exercise, the benefits of each, and why knowing your purpose is critical to determining your ideal prescription of movement.

In Get Your Move On! I will help you identify your barriers to exercise, and provide options for overcoming those barriers. A strong, solid core, as well as the ability to move through a full range of motion, are essential to living your best life. The final module, Core and Flexibility, explores the roles each of these play in your everyday life and why they are even more critical through the aging process. Upon completion of this course you will have the knowledge to establish a routine and embrace movement FOR LIFE.

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Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

Nearly 90% of US health-care costs are directly related to preventable chronic diseases. This not only takes a toll on the nation’s budget, but on the wallets and wellbeing of those affected. The four-module course begins with Know Your Numbers, which offers an overview of the tests you should be getting, and the results you need to know, in order to take control of the trajectory of your health. The next three module each detail specific aspects that are driving factors in chronic lifestyle disease, including Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar. The information provided in this course is not intended to diagnose or treat disease, but will give you more information than perhaps your doctor has time to offer.

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Girl Talk

Ladies of all ages, this one is for you! Specifically geared toward the issues that affect women, I lay the groundwork in Women’s Wellbeing, which provides an overview on stress, metabolism, disease risk, and menopause. Module two takes a closer look at stress and this version of Avoiding Burnout is specifically tailored to highlight the challenges modern-day women face. Practical tools and strategies will be offered to help you identify how far along you are on the burnout curve, and enable you to reverse course. Menopause is a universally-shared female experience. In Managing Menopause I tell it to you straight so you can determine how to go about managing this phase of life. 

The series closes out with a topic I think is under represented, but very important to your future self! In Stay Sturdy: Maintaining Bone Health, I outline the causes of osteoporosis, help you identify your risk, and offer suggestions on what to do build yourself a strong, sturdy foundation. Strong, healthy women are needed now, more than ever, and the content in this course will provide the information to set you on that track.

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Just for Men

Attention gentlemen!  What are you doing to live your best life possible?  Do you know the steps you can take to decrease your risk for disease and enjoy optimal health and wellness?  This course explores these topics and more! Module one sets the stage with Men’s Health 101, where I walk through health issues men face and the steps to take for enhanced quality of life. While all humans are susceptible to burnout, the module two version of Avoiding Burnout is tailored to specifically address unique challenges men in modern society face. You will be able to identify symptoms of burnout you may be experiencing, and practical tools and strategies will be offered to enable you to take the necessary steps to reverse course. The series wraps up with what I think is a very under represented topic, yet one that is incredibly important. Sleep apnea is introduced in Men’s Health 101, and in Understanding Sleep Apnea, I take a deeper dive into this life-altering condition. The world needs strong, healthy men, and by the end of this course you will have the information, and hopefully the inspiration to make the choices necessary to be one!

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Your Healthiest Self

What does it require to live your best life? I personally believe health and life satisfaction are directly related, but getting to your “healthiest self” can be challenging. Module one lays the groundwork by exploring the Habits of Healthy People. There is a good chance you are doing some of these already, but likely you will be able to find an item or two that could use some attention. With the explosion of information surrounding gut health, and how it significantly impacts many aspects of physical and mental health, I believe basic-level knowledge is critical to moving your needle forward, and Gut Check delivers just that in module two. You definitely cannot be your healthiest self if you don’t address what’s going on in your mind! Mind Matters dives into self-talk and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back. Upon completion of this course you will be stocked with information and strategies to grow into the healthiest human you can be.

Full Tuition Exclusive Modules

Diet and Disease—Controlling Inflammation to Avoid Chronic Conditions

Chronic inflammation is widely being recognized as the root contributor to many of our chronic health conditions.  Inflammation is the first sign that your body is out of balance and not well.  We will explore how and why this occurs and how your lifestyle choices determine your risk.

Filling in The Gaps—Supplementation for Optimal Health

By now most people know what they should be eating to fuel the body and brain.  Too often, however, critical nutrients are missing in the American diet.  We will discuss what supplements MAY help fill in the gaps as well as which ones are really a waste of money.  Feel free to bring your supplements along!

Growth Through Grace and Gratitude

Grace and gratitude are hard to come by when navigating the challenges of life. The ability to move through difficulties with acceptance, compassion and kindness will have a positive impact on the situation, as well as on your emotional wellbeing.  And, while it is easy to be grateful when things are great, the power of gratitude cannot be denied.  This training will explore these two concepts and will allow participants to evaluate and hone their own level of grace and gratitude.

Help…My Desk is Killing Me!

If you have a sedentary job, you may feel like your desk is killing you.  There are numerous stretches and exercises that can be done to alleviate the pain, strengthen the body, and refresh the mind.

It’s About Time

There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done, much less what you WANT to do.  We will talk about time takers and outline ways to manage your time more effectively.

Mindfulness—Practices to be Present for Your Life

Constant activity, whether external or internal, can make it difficult to stay present.  The voice we use and the choices we make are either mindful or mindless and this training helps participants identify areas where being mindful would improve the outcome.  Participants will leave with practical tools and take-aways for increased presence and mindfulness.

Nourish Your Noggin—Ideas to Enhance Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing are intricately linked, but we may not be fully appreciating how our choices affect the status of our mental health.  This class will address stress, nutrition, exercise, sleep and social interactions, and how each facet impacts the brain and its ability to function at an optimal level.

O or No? When to Go Organic

Organic products are usually more expensive than the conventional counterpart.  We’ll talk about when it is worth the extra money!

Pack It Up—Staying Health on the Road

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, keeping up with healthy habits can be a tall order.   Early mornings, late dinners, and different time zones do present challenges, but with a little planning and a little discipline, you really can stay healthy on the road!

Reflect and Reset

Oh what a year! One the likes of which we have never seen, and are perhaps more than ready to see come to an end. As time marches on, we will use this opportunity to reflect upon what we learned about ourselves during a unique and challenging time. Before the calendar flips to a new year, let's reset and be ready to move forward. In this session we will explore what that might look like and use time for each person to start formulating a plan.

Sleep, It Does a Body Good!

“Get plenty of sleep” is a recommendation we hear often.  For many, this is easier said than done.  We will talk about the critical processes that occur during sleep, and the health consequences resulting from a lack of sleep. We will also go over strategies and techniques to promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sun Sense

Skin cancer is the #1 cancer in America.  You will learn how to identify the various types of cancer and how to protect yourself.

Weights and Your Waist

By now you have most likely heard about the benefits of strength training, but if you still have not embraced it as part of your lifestyle, this class is for you!  Having muscle mass is one of the best ways to facilitate fat loss, or decrease the amount of weight gain as we age. We’ll talk about what to do, how to do it, and how often.

Your New Normal

Whether a temporary disruption or a major life shift, when your routine gets tossed around healthy habits often go by the wayside. Having a plan in place to navigate these times will be critical for long-term wellbeing.  This training will allow participants to begin outlining the structure of their "new normal".

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